HYDROPONIC GREEN FODDER is fresh, natural, vitamin-enriched and ideal for all kinds of animals.

With the germination of seed, there is an activation of enzymes that assist breaking up of nutrients:

  • proteins,
  • fats,
  • carbohydrates

on more simple in structure and easily digestible organic components:

  • proteins are converted into amino acids,
  • fats – into fatty acids,
  • starch – in the simplest saccharides.

That is why the digestibility of feeds improves, their consumption decreases, immunity of animals is strengthened and productive longevity is prolonged.

In the process of germination, 1 kg of grain (40% digestibility) is converted into 7 kg of hydroponic green fodder (95% digestibility), which corresponds to 2 kg of mixed fodder.

The harvest of hydroponic green fodder, growing in the 1 м2tray, is 25-28kg of green plants of oats, rye, barley and up to 50 kg of green mass of maize.


Organization of a year-round balanced feeding of cattle on the basis of introduction of the hydroponic green fodder in the daily ration of feeding animals. The fodder is producing on the vertical farms GREENAIR™.

Grain, 1th day                                    … and 3th day.

Vertical farms GREENAIR

Know-How of mobile production systems for the cultivation of green fodder, greens, vegetables and fruits

GREENAIR ™ is a technology for the organization of productive plant cultivation in a limited space without soil and in any climatic conditions based on the use of aeroponic methods in the format of a vertical farm.

GREENAIR ™ is a new standard of quality and comfort in the field of crop production, which releases the user from the routine work.

GREENAIR ™ is the freedom to choose the location of the farm, the lack of “pleasure” to feel a specific smell, the need for dry premises for storage and use of plant protection products.

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Testing results
  • Testing Protocol Nr 95/07/2017/ST /27.07.2017 by Laboratory Stare Pole, Poland
  • Testing Protocol Nr 61/07/2017/ST /19.07.2017 by Laboratory Stare Pole, Poland