Organic fertilizers



Soil and plants are interconnected complex heterophase systems, which require a certain diet to fulfil their vital functions. Soil with time is depleted and must be enriched with fertilizers containing organic and inorganic components in a particular form and combination, as well as microbial strains flora.

Complex GEYZER is the optimal solution to the soil and plant supplement by organic fertilizers of poultry manure.


  • Control system and method of developing programs for optimal modes of fermentation depending on the desired result on the content of certain elements in the final product (Know-How);
  • The Automated Management System enables remote control of the production process, to make adjustments to the modes of fermentation process;
  • Technology accelerated bio-fermentation (Know-How);
  • Composition of stabilizer (Know-How);
  • The mobility of modules, which allows the fertilizer directly on the farm, and received fertilizer from use on the field/plantation (Know-How);
  • Technological ergonomics of the Complex made according to the latest world standards.


Our fertilizers consist of organic compounds such as carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements in well digestible form. This constitution converts hydroxides and oxides of metals in soluble form.

The advantage of our fertilizer is that we restore the mechanisms of natural environment. Plant nutrition is the only element of the total life process in nature; it is inextricably linked with the activities of microorganisms, the state of air, water, soil and any other naturally occurring processes.


Process description


  1. Poultry manure with straw is placed into the container.
  2. If the level of humidity doesn’t match the needs, extra water is added.
  3. A special enzyme is added. The so called “catalyst” which is our Know-How.
  4. After the process of fermentation ends, the container is unloaded and the product is packed.
  • Fermentation process lasts 3-4 days.
  • Under strictly regulated temperatures with the interference of air ventilation, the process of fermentation is fully controlled
  • System is fully automatic. A special computer program operates the process.


  • —Contains growth regulating compounds, macro – and trace elements in available (chelated) to plants form, nitrogen-forming bacteria;
  • —Can effectively restore the fertility of the soil;
  • —Ensures accelerated formation of fruit and maturation, higher yield of all agricultural crops – an increase of not less than 30% (based on three year field trials conducted under the auspices of the University of Plovdiv), increase in periods of storage of agricultural products;
  • —Does not contain weed seeds, pathogenic microflora, helminth-fauna, pesticides, herbicides, harmful chemicals;
  • —High efficiently without the necessity to use other organic and inorganic fertilizers, herbicides and restore location: introduction in the area of 1 ha every 3 years 4 tons of this fertilizer exceeds the annual joint application of 9 t organic and 400 kg of mineral fertilizers, thus expenses for carrying out chemical activities declined by more than 12 times;
  • —Environmentally friendly: does not form harmful and toxic compounds in soil, in air and waste waters;
  • —Without the odor characteristic of organic fertilizers;
  • —Has a registration in the EU.

Useful properties of the product

  • Provides accelerated fruit formation and ripening, higher crop capacity (no less than 20-30%);
  • May transform non-assimilable soil into assimilable soil;
  • Does not contain weed seeds, pathogenic microflora, helminthic fauna, pesticides, herbicides, noxious chemicals;
  • Composition of the fertilizer allows to prevent the use of other organic or non-organic manures as well as herbicides and growth regulators;
  • Resists mould and fungi formation and is effective against powdery mildew.
  • Non-toxic, flame and explosion-proof;
  • Does not generate harmful and toxic compounds in soil, air or sewage;

Documents attached

Testing results
  • Testing Protocol No 9432 A/16.08.2013 by SGS Bulgaria LTD. Laboratory
  • Testing Protocol No 851 H/29.03.2012 by Geacom LTD. Food analysis laboratory ST. George

  • Research Certificate of NIKOLA POUSHKAROV INSTITUTE OF SOIL SCIENCE, Sofia, Bulgaria