BRAIN is a multi-layered intellectual management system of the production of agricultural products and organic fertilizers, based on the principles of Macroergonomics, Cloud-technology, IIoT and event-oriented approach.

BRAIN is created by our specialists for production control on all technological cycles:

  • Automated Control System for vertical farms with a closed cycle, without the use of soil substrates, rational use of water (95% less than in the field economy and 45% less than in hydroponic production);
  • Automated Control System for the release of organic fertilizer from bird droppings
  • Automated Air Quality Control System;
  • Automated system of analysis and recommendations for cultivated crops;
  • Automated system for diagnosing the state of crops in fields and in greenhouses.


  • offers to operator of production a ready-made solution for feeding the crop:
  • nutrients are connected with water at the molecular level and are supplied to the plant as vapor-shaped suspension balanced in macro and micro elements, balanced in oxygen and CO₂ content, which greatly accelerates the growth and fruitability of plants;
  • the nutrient habitat was developed by our specialists on the basis of our own organic fertilizer, manufactured according to our original technology.


  • allows you to change both the temporal grids of illumination, and the spectrum of light, intensity and frequency, and as a result introduce corrections in the process of plant growth at different phases of its development.